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Fund raising arrangement services

Leveraging on our expertise and proficiency in the financial markets, we offer our clients with tailored, sophisticated and integrated solutions to raise capital in both equity and debt markets for their business initiatives. In order to raise capital for business expansion, reorganisation or other purposes, it is crucial for our client to successfully identify appropriate funding channels, according to the purpose of financing and to present its future visions in a suitable and attracting manner. As required by the Listing Rules (or the GEM Listing Rules), fund raising activities conducted by listed companies may require them to engage a financial adviser or an independent financial adviser to provide financial advisory services, such services are also offered by us under our comprehensive scope of financial services.

Pre-IPO, IPO and post-IPO fund raising

Pre-IPO investors are typically large private equity or hedge funds that are willing to invest in a company with the intention to undergo an IPO, they provide the company with capital to fund its operations prior to listing to the Stock Exchange. For the companies which have funding needs at this stage, we offer a range of services, which include, among others, arranging pre-IPO fund raising for clients, such as syndicated loans, introducing pre-IPO and strategic investors and advising on structure, tentative timetable and terms of the pre-IPO fund raising.

The IPO process consists of determining the value of a company, issuing shares, and raising money by selling the shares to investors. By acting as a global coordinator, bookrunner, lead manager or underwriter in an IPO, we are responsible for IPO underwriting, advising the client on timing of the IPO from a market opportunity viewpoint, organising and executing the IPO roadshows, building the book, tracking the investors interests on the IPO shares, determining, justifying and positioning the targeted valuation of our client and assisting in determining the IPO price.

For post-IPO fund raising, other than our financial advisory services to listed companies, we also offer fund raising arrangement services. We assist in placing the securities with a broad base of investors in the secondary market to optimise liquidity in them. We also offer fund raising strategy advice and planning and execution of placing of shares or other convertible securities, rights issue and open offers.

IPO underwriting and roadshow arrangement

Apart from forming the underwriting syndicate and liaising and coordinating with each syndicate member, we also offer marketing and roadshow services by structuring marketing programmes and preparing marketing materials. We assist in arranging analysts’ briefings, syndicate briefings and road show presentations and inviting institutional investors from around the world to promote the shares of the client before IPO fund raising.

The roadshow is a promotion platform for companies to promote themselves to investors with a detailed introduction of their business strategies, financial performance and future development prospects. Roadshows allow investors to better understand the company and the value of its shares, which also help to increase its brand awareness and competitive strengths to the public before IPO underwriting. Leveraging on the well-established network from our management team, our clients can reach and promote their companies to the large-scale PRC and international professional institutional investors. Our IPO roadshow services include, among others, inviting and introducing professional institutional investors, preparing presentation documents to attract investors, negotiating and transaction structuring, coordinating and supervising the closing of the transaction.

Private equity investment

We offer both direct and indirect private equity investment services. As private market requires much lenient disclosure requirements and compliance obligations than public market, it provides much more flexibility and a less costly alternative of fund raising methods for clients. Our services include, among others, providing background research on the company and industry, seeking and selecting of potential investors, evaluating of offers, and negotiating with counterparties.