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Financial advisory services

We offer comprehensive financial advisory services for publicly listed companies and private enterprises acting as an IPO financial advisor, Hong Kong M&A financial advisor, equity and debt financing financial advisor, independent financial advisor and financial advisor. We provide tailored solutions and opinions to our clients in different aspects, including pre-IPO advisory, equity and debt financing advisory, merger and acquisition financial advisory, takeovers codes advisory and IFA and financial advisory in Hong Kong.

Pre-IPO advisory

One of the strategic options for the private enterprises for further business development is to undergo an IPO, which would enable them to raise capital from various investors. Our pre-IPO advisory services are designed to help the clients who are currently not ready to undergo an IPO due to different commercial reasons or ineligibility to meet the listing requirements at this stage, but with the aim to undergo an IPO in the future for the sake of its further business development.

Our comprehensive pre-IPO advisory services include:

  • performing pre-IPO health check, identifying potential issues that may affect the listing of a company, and providing possible solutions and professional advice;
  • formulating the best listing strategy for clients and providing professional advice on and assistance in corporate reorganisation for listing;
  • arranging pre-IPO financing for clients, such as syndicated loans, introducing pre-IPO and strategic investors;
  • advising on structure, tentative timetable and terms of the pre-IPO financing;
  • evaluating the benefits and pitfalls of various funding options within shareholders and corporate;
  • providing strategic review on business and operational situation; and
  • evaluating the investment attractiveness of the company and industry.

On the basis of the above-mentioned pre-IPO advisory services, our client is informed of all necessary procedures and points of attention for a successful IPO, allowing our client to adopt an informed decision. When IPO is considered, IPO sponsorship and IPO financial advisory services can also be provided by our experienced team.

Equity and debt financing advisory

We assist listed issuers to optimise their financial structures and meet their strategic objectives by post-IPO equity and debt financing, introducing fund investors and arranging post-IPO roadshows.

For equity financing, we provide our professional advice to listed companies to raise capital by issuing stocks to investors. The advantages of equity financing are that there is no obligation to repay the money obtained through it, and places no additional financial burden and risks to the company since there are no required monthly payments. Also, it is suitable for companies that have credit problems as equity financing does not take out funds out of the business, the companies would thereby have more capital available to invest in growing the business. The equity financing on the Stock Exchange can be conducted in different ways, which include, among others, placing, rights issue and open offers.

For debt financing, it often comes with strict conditions or covenants regarding interest and principal payments, maintaining certain financial ratios, and more. The advantages of debt financing are the creditor has no control over the business, once debtor pays the loan back, the relationship with the creditor ends. Also, the interest paid is tax deductible whereas dividends paid to shareholders are not. Moreover, principal and interest payments are stated in advance, so it is easier to forecast expenses. We assist on debt refinancing or restructuring by undertaking bond placement, arranging project finance loans and providing debt restructuring advice.

Merger and acquisition financial advisory

Merger and acquisition include mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers and purchase of assets. A M&A project involves various complex issues in regulatory, legal, tax and synergy, therefore our role as a Hong Kong M&A financial advisor is crucial to the success of a M&A project.

Our comprehensive Hong Kong M&A financial advisory services include:

  • coordinating the overall M&A transactions, monitoring the progress and coordinating work of the other professional parties;
  • assisting in identifying suitable M&A targets, and providing professional advice on formulation of transaction terms and negotiation and execution of transactions; and
  • providing advice on Hong Kong M&A deal structure, due diligence process and the interpretation of the Listing Rules requirements.

Independent financial advisory and financial advisory for listed companies

To comply with the Listing Rules and the Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Buy-backs requirements and assist the listed companies to complete the corporate activities, we act as an independent financial adviser (a listed company IFA) or a financial advisor to our clients.

Our independent financial advisory services range from acting as a listed company IFA on connected transactions, providing professional advice on listing rules, and assisting in preparing circulars, passing shareholders’ meeting, communicating with regulators, to providing independent fairness opinions to the independent shareholders.

Apart from being an IPO financial advisor and takeovers codes transactions financial advisor (such as general offer and privatisation), we also provide financial advisory services on capital structure, introduce strategic investors by way of private placement or line up cooperation partners through seeking project’s financing for corporate client, as to strengthen corporate image and corporate governance.