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Listing Sponsorship Services

As required by the Stock Exchange, a listing applicant must appoint an independent sponsor to assist with its listing application while applying for listing on the Main Board and GEM. The role of sponsor is to guide and advise applicants through the IPO process, assess applicants' suitability for listing and ensure sufficient disclosure in the listing documents. Also, the sponsor will be responsible for overall management of the IPO and will be closely engaged in the preparation of the listing documents with all relevant parties. We provide comprehensive Hong Kong IPO sponsorship services, spin-off listing sponsorship services and transfer of listing (from GEM to Main Board) sponsorship services to various companies from China, Hong Kong and other regions.

Financial Advisory Services

In order to smoothen the IPO process and to enhance the success rate of an IPO, an IPO financial advisor can be appointed by listing applicants before the appointment of the sponsor. An IPO financial advisor usually participates in the selection of sponsors, underwriters and legal advisers, provides advice throughout the pre-IPO process, and cooperates with each professional during the IPO process. Apart from IPO financial advisor, we also offer comprehensive financial advisory services such as Hong Kong M&A financial advisor, equity and debt financing financial advisor, independent financial advisor and financial advisor.

Fund Raising Arrangement Services

In order to raise capital for business expansion, reorganisation or other purposes, client needs a comprehensive scope of financial services to present its future visions in a suitable and attracting manner. We provide Pre-IPO, IPO and post-IPO fund raising services, IPO underwriting and roadshow arrangement and both direct and indirect private equity investment services to companies.

Compliance Advisory Services

After new listing on the Stock Exchange, listed issuers must appoint a compliance adviser pursuant to the Listing Rules during a required period. Also, at any time after the said period, the Stock Exchange may also direct a listed issuer to appoint a compliance adviser. We aim to achieve mutual goals with our clients while ensuring them to comply with all the relevant rules and regulations throughout their time of listing. We act as IPO compliance advisers for Main Board and GEM listed companies in Hong Kong, and our professional compliance advisory services are able to assist our clients across a multitude of industries to handle the complex and ever-changing regulatory environments.